How Outsourcing Can Help Learning Companies Achieve Exponential Growth

The COVID 19 outbreak has affected businesses across the board and industries are on the toes to crave out strategies to meet this challenge. If there is one industry that is taking giant strides of growth despite the pandemic, it is the eLearning industry. The major factors contributing to the growth of eLearning include an emphasis of organizations on building the knowledge base, need for constant training to upskill the workforce, and the need to do everything in a safe and ‘at-home’ atmosphere. In fact, a recent study has predicted the market size of eLearning to reach a whopping $305 billion by 2025. If you are an industry player that wants to take big strides of growth in this arena, now is the time to do so. While charting out a growth strategy is one thing, executing it takes a lot of hard work and access to the right talent. Only outsourcing the heavy lifting part can help you meet your growth target. Let’s see how outsourcing can help eLearning solutions companies grow faster. Outsourcing gives instant access to the right talent Whether you are into STM publishing, higher education, ELT, or any other niche learning solutions, to take our content to the intended audience you need experienced hands. Finding the right talent to develop and distribute your learning solutions is a challenging task. Like parking spots the good talent is already taken by big industry players and whatever is left of acquisition is too expensive to employ. In such a scenario, outsourcing comes to your rescue by providing instant access to the most suitable skill sets. A specialized service provider already has a diversified talent pool of developers, animators, designers, and content management specialists that you can hire at an affordable price. All you have to do is give your requirement to the vendor and you are all set. Customized services within a quick turnaround time Outsourcing is no longer all about cost savings, rather it has become a full-fledged business practice that gives you superior quality services well within the stipulated timeframe. If you are an STM publisher, you can expect multiple output formats from input data. The vendor has resources that are well versed with XML workflow and can help you distribute your content more effectively to your target audience. You can even leverage the service provider’s expertise on HTML5 and CSS3 to convert your existing content into a more interactive and user-friendly format. The 2D and 3D animation specialists work exclusively for you to give you eLearning solutions that strike an instant chord with your target audience. Outsourcing keeps your eLearning solutions in sync with the latest trends When you outsource your eLearning solutions development and distribution services to a reputed vendor, you don’t have to worry about the competition. Your vendor is a specialist in the trade and hence keeps abreast of the latest trends emerging within the market. They can proactively keep you in the know of what is fetching the desired results for the eLearning service providers. With their expertise at your disposal, you can come up with avant-garde solutions well before your competitors. This unique advantage automatically keeps you miles ahead of the competition. Helps you leverage the emerging technologies Emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) is being increasingly used by eLearning solution providers to enhance the appeal and effectiveness of their offerings. Incorporating these technologies in your solutions is a cost-prohibitive task given the premium you have to pay to buy them. The workforce required to enrich your solutions with AI and machine learning is also very expensive. With outsourcing, however, you automatically get access to these emerging technologies and the required skill sets. Outsource eLearning support services today Outsourcing eLearning support services can give your publishing and eLearning solutions business the much-needed boost. The sooner you start leveraging the power of outsourcing, the better it is. If you are looking for dependable eLearning support services, SunTec India is a name that you can trust. We are a reputed outsourcing company with more than two decades of industry experience. Our specialized team of eLearning support professionals is a highly skilled and experienced lot that can add great value to your business by providing customized eLearning support services. For more information on our services, drop a line at

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