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Data Cleansing And Enrichment Services: What it is and Why it is Important?

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In this complete guide, we will take you through what data cleansing and enrichment services we offer, their benefits, and how you can grow your business leveraging them.

Table of Content

  • Impact of Poor Data Quality on your Business.
  • How can We help?
  • What are Data Cleansing and Enrichment Services?
  • Why Data Cleansing And Enrichment Services Are Important For You?
  • Importance of Data Cleansing Services for Business.
  • Importance of Data Cleansing Services for Individuals.
  • Advantages of Data Cleansing and Enrichment Services.
  • Closing Points.

Now, let us take you through a detailed explanation of the aforementioned topics.

Impact of Poor Data Quality on your Business

A recent study says that poor quality of data can wreak destruction on a business and its overall revenue can fall at the rate of approximately 12%. As most of the business decisions are made based on data they possess. Hence, wrong, unfinished, and inconsistent data will lead a company into a devastating state, thousands of dollars can be lost, and many losses can come in the way. So, it’s high time for organizations to wake up to the original cost of worse data quality and the chance to decrease the rate of downfall by cleaning their data. Data cleansing and enrichment services can help you detect, analyze, and vanish the flaws in your business data collection. Further, you can see a boost in productivity in the long run.

How can We help?

By constantly cleaning and upgrading our client’s important databases, we assist them in making rational and optimistic business decisions. Our data cleansing services team uses the latest techniques to standardize your company’s data and makes sure that they are up-to-date and accurate.

Don’t rush and hire data enrichment experts without knowing whether they know how to deal with various data cleansing problems or not. Make sure you are learning all the important facts about the Data Cleansing and Enrichment process mentioned in this article before moving ahead.

What are Data Cleansing and Enrichment Services?

Individuals and companies obtain a great deal of personal and professional data while working together. Data becomes obsolete over time such as you could change your address or name of the organization ten times in ten years and but your information remains with the company you dealt with remains the same. Such information is of no use.

The data cleansing and enrichment services team will go through all your data and detect the one that is incorrect, irrelevant, incomplete, duplicate, or improperly formatted and then remove or update them.

Our Data cleansing services include the following:

  1. Going through your company’s data and eradicating duplicate data.

  1. Rectify the incorrect data.

  1. Add the unfinished data.

  1. Detecting the irrelevant data and removing them.

The flow-chart shown below will simplify the exact data cleansing cycle followed by our dedicated team:

Once you outsource Data cleansing and enrichment services, you can see growth in the company without experiencing the below-mentioned issues:

  1. Manual identification and resolution of technical problems.

  1. High cost

  1. Unfinished and inaccurate invoice data

  1. Sending invoices and packages to wrong addresses and email accounts.

Still, thinking that hiring a Data cleansing and enrichment company is optional? Learn why you must have someone to look after your data always from our next section.

Why Data Cleansing And Enrichment Services Are Important For You?

As per the survey in 2019, only 33% of the industrialists believe that they can make their business decisions based on their data. This means 67% of the rest of the marketers are not even sure of their data quality and making decisions without cleansing or enriching the data. As a result, the US faces approx $3.1 trillion of loss every year. So, you see, by not performing the data cleansing and enrichment process, you are becoming the reason for the continental loss.

Importance of Data Cleansing Services for Businesses

In the world of Data explosion and data disintegration, data accuracy is the lifeline for our businesses. For example, companies like Zomato and Swiggy are expected to follow the routes available on their program. Not just the route algorithm but the customer and restaurant details are also needed to be correct. Imagine if the program is showing an incorrect address or a restaurant or a delivering address, will a hungry person ever get his meals delivered on time? To avoid late pick-ups and deliveries of food, such organizations hire data cleansing and enrichment companies.

The reason for the constant failure of today’s businesses is garbage data in and out. How much priority you give to cleansing and enrichment of your data decides the pace of your company’s growth. If you think performing a data audit once in a moon will help you keep with the accurate data, then you are wrong! Whereas, the fact is that 87% of the executives believe the bad quality data is the reason for their company’s destruction.

Every small and big business needs a data cleansing and enrichment company or team of experts that know the discipline of data cleansing and ensures that the filtered data it provides to you is fit for you to stream business operations.

Importance of Data Cleansing Services for Individuals

At times, individuals also assemble a vast amount of personal data on their laptops. Starting from credit card and banking details, tax-related information, to even birthdates of clients and friends are stored on your mobile phone or laptop.

Especially when you are a freelancer or researcher, practicing data cleansing becomes important for you. Finding the most recent or a specific document can be challenging when you have hundreds of old files. Disorganization can trigger stress and even contribute to the loss of important paper works and other data!

Once you hire data cleansing services experts for you, it is their responsibility to find out the scrap, delete them, and provide you with clean and accurate data. This means, Data cleaning means that you only have the most recent files and relevant documents, making it easy to identify them when you need them. It also means that you don't have a lot of personal details on your computer, which may pose a potential threat.

Advantages of Data Cleansing and Enrichment Services

Cleansing, enriching, and managing your data can ensure you that the data is clean and accurate and hence can boost the substantial growth of your business. In detail, a company can accomplish a wide range of advantages by availing the data enrichment services, some of them are explained below:

  1. Better experiences: Starting from a small example, for maintaining good relations with our clients, we often send wishes on their birthday, anniversaries, and big days. Of course, such dates do get changed but what if you have entered the wrong dates in your company’s database. Our data cleansing services will help your team to align with your client on their big days.

  1. Missing details will be refilled: We not only rectify the incorrect one but also refilled the absent data with the most updated one. Whether it is an email address, dialing codes, postal codes, name, or title of your client, we detect the unfinished records and refill them after finding the correct one.

  1. Data Management: Data cleansing and enrichment services are their respective fields for your convenience.

  1. Get more time to focus on your company’s growth: Companies who perform data audits on themselves end up spending a lot of time fixing data errors. Whereas, with our dedicated team, you can concentrate on boosting your revenue without worrying about the data cleansing responsibilities.

  1. Make wiser and effective business decisions: The practice of using clean and accurate data will support better analytics. Thereafter, you can make wiser decisions for your business and focus on executing them. With grounded values, your company will succeed for a longer period.

So these are the benefits you will be credited with if you avail of data cleansing and enrichment services from us. Read our other blog, if you want to learn in detail about how data cleansing and enrichment practices empower your eCommerce business.

By the end of the blog, you must have realized that your good and bad business decisions rely on the quality of data you possess. Hence, data cleansing and enrichment is an important job that cannot be done on yourself. You need a dedicated team of experts and their larger effort for a set of reliable information. Drop a mail at info@suntecindia.com if you want the data verification, data cleansing, data normalization, and management to be done most reliably at the lowest cost.

Got a doubt? Leave a reply below and get your doubts resolved at the snap of your fingers.

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